Mulligan is my 5 month old furry clawed man. He brings so much joy and love into my life every day, its only fair that i would give him the best nutrition available. When I saw him eating dry processed meat cereal day after day I knew it was my responsibility to make a change and feed him what cats would be eating naturally in the wild. Cats being carnivores have sharp tiny teeth suited for shredding and ripping apart meats not crunching through powdered waste garbage. This is the same for your puppy and dog companions.

The mainstream pet food companies boast that they have all the nutrients vitamins and proteins needed when this is far from the case. These companies take the wastes from various productions, processes and dries it to the point that there is very little if any nutrition left. Our pets bodies are not equipped with the tools to digest hard processed meat cereal. The digestion system is then forced to work overtime extracting the small amount of nutrients that are left. This can lead to serious health conditions that you’ll end up paying for at the vet.

In the wild cats and dogs eat full carcasses, bone included. It is a myth that chicken bones are bad for pets. In fact they need the nutrients that are stored in the marrow of the bone for a balanced diet. The food I feed mulligan is a blended chicken with the bone included, a mix of heart liver and intestines ect, a small amount of vegetables with the correct vitamin supplementation that is vital for development and growth. Cats saliva does not contain digestive enzymes that break down food like ours, they depend on the natural digestive juices stored in the stomach of there prey to aid in digestion. Only cats eating a raw diet are getting that.

Commercial pet food is a 10 billion dollar a year industry. Its filled with all the horrors of our own agricultural industry..profits before people or pets.

You can make the switch, to benefit your furry companions who depend on you for safe nutrition. I purchased mulligans food from IN THE RAW on 2nd and Lonsdale in North Vancouver. They are a great resource for information on natural products for pets and have a beautiful boutique store.

For the people who dont have a raw pet food supplier in your area. There are lots of online resources for recipes for raw food that can be made at home. Just do your research and dont mess with the recipe, Pets require the proper mix of nutrients and vitamin supplementation. You can purchase the supplements online or from most pet stores. A note of caution…a serious food processor or meat grinder is needed to blend the bone into digestible small pieces, I tried this with a small food processor and had raw chicken sprayed from one end of the kitchen to another haha.

please feel free to contact me with questions or comments.