I always knew this stuff had to be bad but WOW did it exceed and surpass my expectations. PROVEN cancer causing chemicals, toxins linked to reproductive health issues,Antifreeze, tested on animals and a penetration agent to help it all sink in. Please throw out your Axe body wash and body spray and choose natural safe option for you and your families!

from http://www.natural-skincare-authority.com/axe-body-wash.html

Cancer Linkage 

This product contains a very toxic ingredient – COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE which has been linked to cancer in animal tests.

Reproductive Toxicity

This product contains – ETIDRONIC ACID – linked to reduced fertility and a reduced chance for a full term healthy pregnancy.

Penetration Enhancers

Also present are penetration enhancers: TETRASODIUM EDTA. These agents work to infiltrate the skin membrane – i.e. penetration enhancer – and in doing so may increase exposures to carcinogens. 

Untested Chemicals

AXE Revitalizing Shower Gel contains 3 chemicals that have not been assessed for safety in cosmetic formulas by the C.I.R. These chemicals are: PEG-5 COCAMIDE, ETIDRONIC ACID, GLYCERIN.