Kaleigh Harrop 24 year old make up artist and social activist.

While attending makeup school my eyes were opened to the scary and very real dangers of untested and unsafe chemicals in most cosmetic and beauty products. I began researching and reading labels and decided that I would gradually make the switch to natural organic products to protect my self, my clients and the environment.

Once I was aware of the problem with most of our mainstream products I struggled to make the switch. Availability of natural goods and the financial burden of choosing organic specialty products can be stressful, but with a little dedication and patience I made the switch gradually over the period of a month or two.

I began by researching online so I knew what to avoid and what to look for. I then started with one product at a time. Every trip to the grocery store I would choose a new natural product to try, This method helped me ease the financial stress and to choose products that fit easily into my life.

This blog I’ve started as a resource for the environmentally conscious Canadian Consumer. To share my journey of daily change with the world.

I am an informed consumer and I take responsibility for the companies I support. I choose local organic Canadian companies and recommend you do the same.

For You and Our Earth


1 thought on “About”

  1. Kathryn M. Harrop said:

    Thank you for doing this Kaleigh, we seem to have social activism running through the family as well as a sensitivity to chemicals and a desire to buy Canadian whenever possible. Kathryn Harrop

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